Wednesday, 31 October 2012

... and the dragons are dead?

I sometimes think I write nothing but emails, however I have recently managed to write a short radio play, and I am in the middle of an extra scene for Wigton Theatre Club's panto and a short piece about Kathleen Herbert for my old students' magazine, as well as planning a play for said theatre club's 60th anniversary next year.

While I was looking through some papers I came across a poem I wrote years ago, and I thought I'd give it an airing here- appropriate perhaps for the Eve of All Hallows:

Monster Munch

Early morning mist upon the marsh…

The twisting spirals drawn up by the sun
Took strange forms last night-
Will o' the wisps and marshy monsters.

We live in the morning;
Marshes with their lurking horrors drained,
Or preserved as Heritage.

All is explained
All sanitised
The dragons all are dead
And Grendel's mother nothing but a fairy tale.

We understand the atom and the universe,
And there are no longer more things in heaven and earth
Than thought of in anybody's philosophy.

We've conquered all
We've drained the marsh
We've killed the beasts
Exorcised the ghosts
Explained away the monsters-

But beware-

They still walk in our dreams.


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  2. This was beautiful. I just got very inspired to write about dragons and Beowulf. What inspired this piece that you created? I loved this. It was wonderful good job to you. I hope that you find those dragons in your dreams.

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