Saturday 30 October 2010

Rosamund deals with Simon

In fact, Rosamund had only one letter to write, to Simon. It needed very careful phrasing. Every word had to be chosen for its likely effect on him. Also, in spite of his treachery in luring her to Jane Sands' house, in spite of his use of sorcery to draw her back to Frith Hall, even in spite of his recent attempt to murder her, she would not decoy him to his death with lies. She wrote and burned a good many pages in the next two days before she composed a version that satisfied her.
Sunday. October 27th
My Dear Simon,
Perhaps you will be surprised, or even think me a hypocrite, that I can still address you as 'dear' after leaving you. But I wasn't pretending to be in love with you. When I told you that I'd pledged myself to you, I meant it then with all my heart. When I gave myself to you that night in Lancaster, I believed my feelings would never change. I won't deny the past or take back anything I said. That is why I think I owe it to you to tell you what I have decided to do.
On Thursday, I leave England for ever. I'm going beyond the sea; I don't plan to come back. My family has connections abroad. When you first told me about your work and aims, I let you know how much I disapproved of them. I can't share them and I'll never use my own knowledge and my father's training to help you put them in action. I'd be dishonest if I let you hope I ever might. I believe, I know, they are evil, so I'm leaving you for your good as well as mine.
Only last week, in Dalton, I saw an example of the mob hysteria that Ferguson and your other friends take so lightly. A poor vagrant gypsy girl was set upon and harried to death. Apart from the devilish cruelty, it was degrading, stupid and pointless, as violence always is.
Oh my poor Simon, I'm bitterly grieved that you should be in danger of sinking to such a depth of vileness! If only I had the power to draw you away from it.
Your true well-wisher

Rosamund Halistan

It was painful to write, even more painful to read over, trying to take it in through Simon's eyes. At times, it seemed that she had made her meaning too clear; he would surely see it. At times, she almost wished he would read her mind, hating herself for what she was planning, seeing him as her unsuspecting victim. But Simon was a magician, proud of his power. The message behind the letter was there for him to read and take warning if he would.

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