Friday, 31 December 2010

The Launch of Trifolium Books

The first day of 2011 sees the launch of a new indie publisher, Trifolium Books UK
TB UK is being set up, like many another independent publisher before it, to publish a specific book- in this case Moon in Leo- but there are already one or two more as a twinkle in the publisher's eye.
The editor is working on the final parts of the novel to be set and laid out- the all-important list of characters, and Kathleen's hand-drawn map of Furness.

Moon in Leo will be available for sale on Amazon UK and Amazon US, as well as through normal bookshops, and directly from this site. The price will be under ten GB pounds.

I already have a growing list of advance sales. Please leave a comment on the blog if you wish to be added: it will help me to calculate the initial print run. I hope to get the book into most of the independent booksellers in Furness and other Cumbrian towns.

There will be a small reduction in price for people who pay ahead of publication date. Putting your name on my advance sales list now does not mean you have to pay now- it just means I will reserve you a copy, and I will email you with details nearer the time. Keep checking the blog for news!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Words Worth Hearing

Listened to my mini play on t' wireless this morning- felt good! Does this mean I am no longer "an unpublished writer"?
Will try to post a recording of it later. I am impressed by the work that Belinda Artingstoll of Radio Cumbria has done, as well as actors and directors and my fellow writers from North Cumbria Scriptwriters. We all done good, man! I am looking forward to listening to the final play tomorrow!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The World Premier of my Radio Play

My short Radio Play Words Worth Hearing will be broadcast on local radio on Thursday 23rd December between 9.30 and 10.00 am, 6.00 and 7.00 pm, and on the late evening show between 10.00 pm and 1.00 am. It is one of five plays accepted for broadcast by Radio Cumbria, and written by North Cumbria Script Writers. We had great fun recording them with some talented local actors and directors. The five plays were  produced, recorded and edited by Belinda Artingstoll. You can hear Radio Cumbria streamed live or listen again.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Importance of Jewellery

Rosamund's Rose Cross necklet plays a vital role in Moon in Leo, as did Arianrod's necklace, in Queen of the Lightning. It portrayed the three phases of the moon- waxing, full and waning. I made Kathleen a pendant which was my take on this idea. She is wearing it in her author photo on the jacket of Ghost in the Sunlight.
Pendant in silver with moonstone cabachon

Following the success of the Cumbrian Trilogy, Kathleen commissioned me to make a very special belt:

Each of the thirteen panels is embellished with a leaf representing the tree for that particular lunar month. This was one of the most challenging and fascinating commissions I ever undertook: it made me feel like one of the magical smiths of old, forging magical properties into the metal with each stroke of the hammer!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Little bits of news and lots of snow!

For many years we have noticed the effects of climate change here in our remote corner of North West England. Winters have been warmer and wetter, and summers- wetter and colder! (Notice I don't call it global warming) However, we are now wondering if we are at the beginning of a new mini ice age. Last winter was like the winters I remember as a child, and the freeze has started even earlier this year; we don't normally get bad weather until January.

Derbyshire- cold and lovely

We spent the weekend in Derbyshire, where we saw our first snow of the winter, but as we drove north, the sun came out and set the snow to sparkling. A diversion to Ulverston seemed like a good idea.

Sun on snow- the road to Ulverston

The little town of Ulverston was free of snow and there was a warm welcome and a tasty lunch at Gillam's. Just a few doors along on the old cobbled street, we bought a guide to Lost Ulverston in the wonderful bookshop, previously the Tinner's Rabbit: we hope they will be selling copies of Moon in Leo in the spring.

Ulverston is a lovely, friendly town- I can picture Rosamund and "Dr Rosenroth" hurrying up and down its streets. And the news? Well, you should be able to read all about Dr Rosenroth in early spring. Publishing will be underway as soon as Christmas is over, and my little radio play about Wordsworth's cottage will be broadcast, along with four other plays by North Cumbria Scriptwriters in the week leading up to Christmas.