Friday 29 October 2010

Words Worth Hearing

I thought I had written a really simple little play. Honestly. I thought there were only two locations. Inside and outside. That just shows my ignorance of the intricacies and technicalities of recording radio drama. The play is set in Dove Cottage, where William Wordsworth lived with sister Dorothy and wife Mary during some of his most productive years in the very early nineteenth century.

It's a tiny house, with a tangibly intimate atmosphere, and it's very easy to imagine the Wordsworths living out their daily lives in its various small and dark rooms. Director Jenn and sound engineer/editor/producer  Belinda decided we needed to replicate the sense of moving from one room to another with a number of visitors and a guide, by shuffling in and out of most of the rooms in Rick's house. Hence it took two and a half hours to record a five minute play. So we got well behind schedule for recording all five Radio Cumbria shorts. Sorry guys! And thanks for your patience!

I will post links to the programme on Radio Cumbria, and broadcast times, when the five pieces are due to go out in November.

We chose small rooms to give a feeling of intimacy to the recording

Then we trooped into another room....

.....and another

Recording footsteps for the outside scene

The hero of the day- Radio Cumbria's Belinda Artingstoll

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