Wednesday 8 December 2010

The Importance of Jewellery

Rosamund's Rose Cross necklet plays a vital role in Moon in Leo, as did Arianrod's necklace, in Queen of the Lightning. It portrayed the three phases of the moon- waxing, full and waning. I made Kathleen a pendant which was my take on this idea. She is wearing it in her author photo on the jacket of Ghost in the Sunlight.
Pendant in silver with moonstone cabachon

Following the success of the Cumbrian Trilogy, Kathleen commissioned me to make a very special belt:

Each of the thirteen panels is embellished with a leaf representing the tree for that particular lunar month. This was one of the most challenging and fascinating commissions I ever undertook: it made me feel like one of the magical smiths of old, forging magical properties into the metal with each stroke of the hammer!

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