Thursday 2 December 2010

Little bits of news and lots of snow!

For many years we have noticed the effects of climate change here in our remote corner of North West England. Winters have been warmer and wetter, and summers- wetter and colder! (Notice I don't call it global warming) However, we are now wondering if we are at the beginning of a new mini ice age. Last winter was like the winters I remember as a child, and the freeze has started even earlier this year; we don't normally get bad weather until January.

Derbyshire- cold and lovely

We spent the weekend in Derbyshire, where we saw our first snow of the winter, but as we drove north, the sun came out and set the snow to sparkling. A diversion to Ulverston seemed like a good idea.

Sun on snow- the road to Ulverston

The little town of Ulverston was free of snow and there was a warm welcome and a tasty lunch at Gillam's. Just a few doors along on the old cobbled street, we bought a guide to Lost Ulverston in the wonderful bookshop, previously the Tinner's Rabbit: we hope they will be selling copies of Moon in Leo in the spring.

Ulverston is a lovely, friendly town- I can picture Rosamund and "Dr Rosenroth" hurrying up and down its streets. And the news? Well, you should be able to read all about Dr Rosenroth in early spring. Publishing will be underway as soon as Christmas is over, and my little radio play about Wordsworth's cottage will be broadcast, along with four other plays by North Cumbria Scriptwriters in the week leading up to Christmas.

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